Council of the Exalted

Secret Society of the Wealthy Elite

There is a secret society among the elite of our fair country. They are people who use their wealth and influence to bully us into submission, but we will not bend to their demands! They will not act above the law!
— Alfred Reding, 289 AU
  The Council of the Exalted is a secretive organisation with members all across Pekkola and the South. Their ranks consist of influential nobles, priests, and entrepreneurs who hold sway over several rulers and governments. They are incredibly wealthy, and their influence often allows them to act above the law of the countries that they inhabit.  


There are only a few in Pekkola who know the true power and influence that the Council of the Exalted has over the region. They are said to possess vast networks of spies that gather scandalous information on the leaders of countries and organisations.  
  The sway the Exalted hold over many of the ruling elites allows their organisation to live above the law. Most monarchs are willing to let the group break laws as long as their own scandalous secrets remain unknown to the general populace.   Members of their organisation have been able to get away with acts such as importing illegal goods, torture and murder of commoners, and countless other acts that are considered immoral and deplorable.

Reding Incident

The most recent instance where the Council of the Exalted has been publically called out was when a lord from Rieweck denounced some of their members in 289 AU.   All his scandalous affairs and wrongdoings had been revealed, but he persevered and rallied many against the Exalted. Eventually, the members of the secret society had no choice but to reduce their activity in his land's.


The Exalted adopted the barn swallow fibulae as a secret symbol around half a decade after they had fallen out of style. The brooch served as a way to mark members or property of their organisation so that they could quickly identify one another. Over the years the item had become dear to the group's members. Many of them have included the barn swallow on their heraldry, painted it on their shields, or commissioned sculptures which may appear innocent to most, but secretly glorify the secret society.
Founding Date
144 AU
Secret, Brotherhood
Barn Swallow Fibula
Item | Jul 11, 2020

A barn swallow fibula is a brooch used for fastening garments and identifying people from the Council of the Exalted

Potatoes by Marco Antonio Victorino


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Jul 14, 2020 04:36 by Stormbril

I like the way you tied the symbol prompt to this one, it's well done and concise :) I also like how the Reding Incident actually resulted in the Exalted reducing their activity!

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Not sure why, but the way the torture/murder of commoners was casually mentioned sent a little chill up my spine.   I do like how this ties in with the symbol prompt, and I like that some members have the barn swallow on their heraldry or in sculptures.

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