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Order of Amun

universal weirdness

The universum is 'governed' by the Order of Amun, or at least, thats the simple explanation. In realtity there is no realitiy to govern, and in that sense there is no Order of Amun. But now it has a description here, so there it is. It exists.


the universum

They, (the order of Amun) on their term are the universum. They are under constant surveillance, but unaware of that as we dont know that we are the observing or vice versa. In their perception of time, as percieved by us, there is no Order of Amun. The universum is different and the same for them as it is for us. They 'live' outside our time and reality. as weird that might be for us, living inside their perception of time and space.
Einstein could not explain it so he called it relativity. They call it 'it'. and we cannot comprehend.

The idea of the Order of Amun is that their 'thoughts' influence our universum.
Based on the concept of [url:https://hitchhikers.fandom.com/wiki/Ravenous_Bugblatter_Beast_of_Traal] Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal[url] and instigated by the request To write about organisation that is above the law, more above or below, depending on the point of view, in time and space, inside or outside the law then this, is possibly not possible or impossible not to describe within our limited language.


They have possibilities beyond our imagination and are limited and unlimited by existing laws and non existing laws we can not comprehend.


They are non-exisiting creatures that rarely intervene, but in some cases they do. But even then we would not comprehend.

Public Agenda

They are there to influence the universe, and therefore our solar system, perhaps to keep the solar system safe. (unknown reasons to the why this solar system has to be kept 'safe' and what 'safe' actually means). Their actions to influnece the fabric of time and space might follow laws of nature, but since the laws are bend there are no actual laws. Their thoughts are actual actions to create and break natural law, rewrite the fabric with changes as a result.

Asking why they do it is like asking why we exist. or where the universum is, or the moment we do think of existing we stop existing.


The universum as a thought.


They are outside of our time and space. there is no history, or at least we cannot describe it. some relevancy: The Order of Amun is also in relation to Atlantis atlantis-elvenshoes-archived-1611859223 (another world by me, in another time, but same alternate dimension) the time between all events like actions that the Aivitu did on Earth and Venus are related to each other. (a little outside the scope of the submitted articles, but since there IS an relation between the articles and the times, events and such. as described in this article My status on WA-WSC2020 )   after the future's past present, when, all, once, never, ever

is there a dissolution date when you are outside our time and space?

Create entities as disbanded creations created for eternity now.

Founding Date
before past is the present future, once, all, ever, never but when.
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Controlled Territories


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