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What is Café Noir?

Café Noir is a diesel punk world based on our earth. However, due to anomalys occuring there will be an alternative development going on that migh go into nano-tech, spaceflights to mars and venus, a visit to the innerworld of earth. The anomalys can introduce many things. in a sense they are like the incursions from "the strange", but they are not portals into another world (they are more one way events).

Café Noir is similar to our Earth in a mix between "Sky Captain of Tomorrow" and the roaring 20's, mixed with a dose of mixed-reality like Riverworld. Characters like Agatha Christie's Poirot, Miss Marple, Harley Quin, Ariadne Oliver and Parker Pyne surely would have found their way around in this realm. Other characters, like H.P. Lovecraft's Randolph Carter (?) or Sweeney's heroine Cassandra Hack' could be inhabiting this world just as easy. Café Noir is supposed to be different, time and reality bending, mind boggling, morality testing and i might hope, an inspiration for new ideas.


Organisations like "rockefeller bilderberg rothschild group", FBI, CIA or DOD do exist, but might be different then the ones we have today. The world has a timeline with similar events (but not all) like Earth. So some organisations do not exist, other will take their place.

A note to (prospecting) Players

as a player in this world: assume nothing, find clues, information, documents or signs (hire a detective or simply read magazines, newspapers etc.) to make sure that you know what is going on.

How to use this material as a DM?

i write it with the cypher system in mind, it has similarities to bruce cordell's the strange, but also lovecraft's cthulhu and space 1889. Important names are Nicola Tesla, Jules Verne, H.P.Lovecraft, H.G.Wells, Orville Wright, Henry Ford, William R. Hearst, Thomas Edison. I am laying a foundation for storys and adventure modules. I'm also learning to work with World Anvil, so things will go slow at first.All material used to create this world (images, etc.) is made by me, open/free for commercial use (like google fonts). Learning to create my own stuff in tools like DAZ3D is also time consuming, slowing progress down considerably. For me it's not a problem, as i use this project to focus my mind. If you have questions, ideas or just want to chat... connect!

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