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High Admirality of Sur

Heroes:   Saint - Amelie Delie, 27, French-American, daughter of a wealthy buisnessmen, former member of the Medical Corps (MC) of the U.S. Army as Major, returned to France to take over family buisness after fathers death, uses the Hybrid Armour here father developed to help the people   Zorya - Slavic Diety Morning Star/Evening Star, only survivor of Chernobogs assault on the Slavic Pantheon, had her memory wiped and been hidden among Humanity by Perun to protect her from the Dark God, would always be reborn after "dying" as a Human.   Barbarossa - Legendary German Emperor, betrayed and drowned by Henry the Lion, mysterious higher being -> "die" -> have his family fall eventually but remain under the mountain and come to save his people in dire need, howver was never woken when needed -> Betrayal?   Theseus/Minotaur - Greek Man, 18, accidently destroyed an ancient shrine dedicated to Zeus, cursed by him to turn into Minotaur when enraged, can't control it at first -> rampages at night   Toell the Great - Estonian Giant, can shrink himself to normal Human size, has no memory of his life, LoreleiSocial Aptitude   Prior to his Alteration one would have called Andrew a reserved individual. Cautious, often refered to as cold or anti-social by others, behaviour when meeting strangers. More open and emotional, still a pretty reserved personality when in contact with trusted individuals. He prefered to spend time either working on his projects or improving his knowledge in other scientific fields. Even the few moments he spend in the company of his few friends he remained a calm and soft spoken man. All in all despite his flaws, Andrew Martin was considered to be a harmless and even pleasant individual to be around. That changed with Legion. Some argue that the Events that led to the creation of the entity known as Legion stripped him of most of his humanity. Others say that it merely brought his darker aspects to the surface. Actions and thinking led by a, on first glance paradoxical combination of cold mathematical reasoning and burning anger. Any form of care or affection for others has vanished. The only forms of emotion still observable are either anger or hate directed toward certain individuals such as Revenant or Dr. Emery Hollister.
Controlled Territories

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Cover image: by Piotr Arendzikowski


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