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The Mithrillium Order

The Mithrillium Order is a private army that offers its soldiers to those that can afford it. It is said that if you can't pay in platinum, don't even try hiring The Mithrillium Order.
They pride themselves on their elite heavy infantry that is specialized in either frontline or defensive combat.
The order's purpose is not to have an army and conquer enemies, instead, they specialize solely on heavy infantry, and hires them out for those that can pay. They take pride in not choosing sides in any conflicts and go to great lengths to maintain their neutrality. It is not unheard of that The Mithrillium Order hires out soldiers to both sides of a conflict. Some people see this as despicable and deceitful, while others see the value in the absolute loyalty they can buy for their wealth.
Yes, we will hire our soldiers to your enemies, if they can pay. If we start chosing sides, you wouldn't be able to trust us, now would you? Besides, if you think it's a problem, just make sure to hire more men than your enemy!
General Keene of the Mithrillium Order
  It is not uncommon to see nobles employ a platoon or even a company of these, especially in countries like Erekiath, where the military is largely controlled by The Light.
Some of the wealthiest of the upper class also employ The Mithrillium Order, often just a few bodyguards, but some have small garrisons in their mansions to protect their assets.

Loyalty for Coin

The Mithrillium Order sells loyalty for wealth, which sometimes means that their soldiers will be part of illicit operations. This has been the cause of multiple accusations against the order.
We don't sell soldiers, we sell loyalty to anyone who can pay. Monarchs or rebel leaders - They all rely on our loyalty. For them and us, loyalty is more important than morality!
General Keene of the Mithrillium Order


The Mithrillium Order only recruits humans and in rare cases half-elves, if one of the parents is human. Although many, especially non-humans, sees this as racial discrimination, the reasoning is that their strict training regime is designed primarily for humans. Additionally, there are requirements that some of the races don't meet. Small Folk and dwarves don't live up to the height requirements, and Elves lack the constitution and adaptability, at least according to the order.
The order only recruits young men between the age of 12 - 16, as they believe it is easier to shape and discipline a soldier at a young age.


The first six months of serving is a long and harsh initiation session. The main purpose of it is to try and break them, through sleep deprivation, extreme physical training, and long marches through harsh and uncomfortable territory. If anyone breaks during the initiation they are immediately expelled, with no chance of reapplying.
The Mithrillium Order is known for paying handsomely for anyone who completes the initiation, during which there is no pay.
Once the initiation is done, each recruit will swear an oath of loyalty, which binds them for ten years of service.

Being a Soldier

During the ten years of service, they earn a solid salary, plus bonuses based on performance and the nature of their jobs.
To ensure the soldiers remain loyal for all ten years, they only get a small amount of their payment to cover their living expenses while serving. The rest won't be paid out until their oath is fulfilled.
Once an oath is fulfilled the soldier can choose to renew it for another ten years. Doing so will earn them an increased salary, and raise them to the status of veterans within the order.
Veterans are often given lead or command positions within the order. Most soldiers become Mithrillium Guardians within the order, which are heavy infantry that specializes in defensive combat. They're trained in everything from bodyguard duty, to city defense.
A soldier can choose to become a Mithrillium Vanguard instead. They specialize in frontline combat, and is considered a high risk position. As such anyone becoming a Mithrillium Vanguard gets double pay for the entirety of their ten year service.


The Mithrillium Order is believed to be extremely rich. Hiring mercenaries to anything ranging from warring countries to wealthy merchants in need of protection, the Order are involved in numerous things across the world.
They own several bases in multiple countries and have a fleet of ships to ferry troops out to customers. Even the soldiers are fully equipped.


The Mithrillium Order started out as a group of adventures that hired themselves out for gold. Being highly skilled, demand for their talents quickly rose, and in order to meet the demand, they brought more people into their small group and trained them. As the group got bigger, so did their renown, and soon powerful people started to ask for their services.

Loyalty to the coin!

To be frank; we don't care what we are being used for!
Heck, sometimes we are sent out to fight each other, and do so willingly because that is what we've been taught and what we are being paid for!
You want to catch criminals or murderers? Don't talk to the weapon! Talk to the ones that wield it!
A Vanguard of The Mithrillium Order
Military, Mercenary Group
Alternative Names
Mithrillium Sellswords
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Yes, I would kill my own mother, if asked to do so.
Yes, I would weep while doing it. unless ordered not to!
Why? Because loyalty demands it!
A Guardian of The Mithrillium Order


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