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Tavintish Merchant Sailors Guild

One of the oldest organised groups in existence, this group of merchant sailors originated in the now lost civilization of Tavint. They have been in business for such a long time that the amount of massed wealth dwarfs that of any kingdom by orders of magnitude. Today the guild is equal parts military and merchants. This is thought to be due to an age where piracy was rampant after the fall of Tavint and the guild began to suffer too many losses from piracy. Today merchants sailing dangerous seas can hire a guard ship from the guild if they can afford the rates.

While the organisation closely guards it secrets there are some rumors regarding the group. Its rumored that the only way to gain entry is to be handpicked by a captain of a ship of the guild. though its unclear what qualities the captains look for in people. It is also said that the guild is so protective of its secrets that the only way once once your in is death.

It is unknown where the Guild stores its Vast wealth. one rumor is that each merchant flagship captain posseses a Commiform">Commiform leading to the location of the horde. Other rumors are that the guild has had an artificial dimension created for acessing their vast wealth. Some others argue that their vast wealth is tied up in their massive fleet.

With no official base of operations, the largest military in Tamiya, and a wealth to rival any nation the guild and its members do not feel the need to answer to any outside governing body. However they do for the most part avoid angering the various laws of the nations of Tamiya. Rumor is that two thousand years ago as the guild had started to come into its own as a powerhouse the tavintish empire attempted to shut down the guild and take the Wealth of the guild back. The guild used their wealth to bribe and influence the other smaller nations to go to war with Tavint while causing an economic crash in Tavint. This eventually lead to the fall of the Tavint Empire, At least according to the rumors.


Each ship in the guild operates as an autonomous entity. with a captain and crew. However for each sea there is Two flagships, one merchant and one military, that issues orders for special guild activities and in times of emergency. Any decisions affecting the guild as a whole are decided on by majority vote of the flagship captains.


Not much is known about the culture of the guild outside of the organisation. But its suspected that its more or less run as a business and profit is important above all else.


Largest navy in Tamiya. Nearly unlimited funds.
Financial, Merchant League
Government System
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Economic System
Market economy
They accept and deal in any form of official currancy.

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