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The Obsidian Accord

The Obsidian Accord does not technically exist. There is no record of its founding, its dealings or any membership records. Also known as the Hand of Death in the lands of Vas, where the Accord operates, the organisation has developed a reputation for mercilessness through "mysterious disappearances" and very public acts of savagery targeting any who oppose the agenda of the Obsidian Monarch.   Those who oppose the Accord often do not realise their mistake until it is too late. The Accord operates in secret and has members in every section of Vassick society across all financial and social strata.
It is unknown how one joins or is recruited by the Accord, though there are rumours suggesting that the Accord contacts individuals it feels would be useful to their plans. Such accounts make mention of strange notes left in the homes of potential recruits with no evidence of forced entry or anything out of place.


  • 1 Obsidian Monarch
  • 8 Obsidian Council Members
  • Unknown number of Shadows


Feared and hated by all across the land of Vas, the Accord wields a combination political and financial power, espionage and assassination to ruthlessly to manipulate the laws and culture of the Vassick people.

Public Agenda

The Accord is a secret, spoken of only in hushed whispers and rumours. It has no public presence.


The Accord has access to an unlimited amount of coin and resources as far as anyone knows. They seem to be able to infiltrate, manipulate or dispose of any obstacle that opposes them.


Rumour has it that the Accord was founded sometime in the aftermath of the War of Gods but there is no way of knowing for sure.

"All doors can be opened"

Unknown - Still active

Illicit, Cartel
Alternative Names
The Hand of Death
Obsidian Shadows

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