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Frannʧe Frorch Trersstühungchsara

"The company represents the fundamental truth that when presented with the choice between money and basically anything else, people will chose money."
The Frannʧe Frorch Trersstühungchsara, or FFT, is a state-sponsored trade corporation based out of the city of Tharsa in the Crown Lands of Demia. The FFT was founded 523 LE in response to anxieties among the Demian ruling classes that their trade influence in the Black Ocean was stagnating in comparison to that of the Kolu Republic. The FFT was intended to serve as a vehicle to boost Demian trade influence abroad and deny this influence to their Kolu rivals.


The FFT is a Corporation and as such is governed by a board of directors, headed by the Midinnglöa, or chief executive, alongside a myriad of other finance, operations, and even military and naval offices.

Public Agenda

The company's stated purpose is to create profit for its shareholders with the secondary goal of increasing the prosperity of the Crown Lands as well as their host nations.   Privately, the company intends to out-compete its rivals to secure dominance of intercontinental trade as well as expand its political influence both at home and abroad.


The company is de facto backed by the Demian Crown and has carte blanche to conduct itself in whatever manner it sees fit in the majority of foreign countries, with the notable exception of the Kolu Republic and their activities within the Crown Lands themselves are more highly scrutinized.   In terms of finance, the company is likely the single largest corporation in the world, though its access to its financial records are granted on a need to know basis, making the exact scope of their wealth hard to judge accurately.   As a commercial company, the FFT has access to its own fleet of trade ships as well as a sizable 'merchant navy' for their protection. The company also has several ports outside of the Crown Lands in which they have de facto sovereignty. This has led to the company raising and maintaining large numbers of mercenary units in order to protect these holdings as well as acquire new ones.

Drultaq a Schmü glä flä Wells Schisschessch

Founding Date
Corporation, Commerce
Alternative Names
FFT, The Company, Crown Foreign Trade Company
FFT, Company
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