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Hermetic Order of the Elusive Spirit

Secret Magic Society

The Hermetic Order of the Elusive Spirit is a secret society which has been in operation for over 430 years. It was founded in 1124 ADF in Bredtkiping in the town Venkiping and has it's origins at Venkiping University of the Magical Arts. This is where it was first formed, by a group of students alongside some of the teacher staff.  


The initial purpose of the order was to establish an organized search for the The Spirit Pen of Yailiken, which is a golden fountain pen said to have been infused with a plethora of Spirit Magic. It was rumoured to be able to change the state of a being. Many believe it can bring a persons spirit back from the spirit world, thereby reviving the target. However, it's also said to have been able to send someone's spirit to the spirit world, killing them.  

Change of Mission

Though the order is still looking for the pen, they have also added another thing to their mission. When enough powerful Spell-casters had joined the order, someone proposed that they might be able to harness enough spirit magic to transport a spirit out of the spirit world themselves. This has not been accomplished yet.  


When the organization was first formed, the members did everything they could to avoid leaders, politicians and law enforcement. However, as the order grew it branched out to get multiple chapters in different locations. Many members managed to obtain important positions around Dysvoll, ranging from military leaders to influential advisors and the like. This makes them very influential in the higher circles in Dysvoll.   The order is now on a mission both to control life and death alongside securing riches and success for itself and its members.   Their influence, although technically secret, has led to the conspiracy theory commonly known as Magical World Dominance. This is a popular theory amongst commoners all across Dysvoll.  

Codes and Symbols

As a secret society, the order needs ways to communicate which cannot be detected by non-members. Furthermore, symbols signalling the membership is essential to spot one another in the public sphere.  

Teardrop Jewelry

A common symbol of the order often worn by the members are the Teardrop of the Order, which is a blue crystal cut in the briolette style. The pendant can be worn in a number of ways, both as an earring, necklace or even as a decorative belt piece if that is what one wishes. The only requirement is that it is visible.   However, due to many members being high profile and high standing, the look of the teardrop jewelry became somewhat common between the richer circles. As such, another tool must be taken into use to determine whether or not someone is a member of the order.  

Elusive Code of the Order

The members of the order all know the code speech known as the Elusive Code, which is a simple code used to communicate inconspicuously.   It is often used after one has spotted someone with a teardrop of the order.  
That's a lovely piece of jewellery you wear. What is its story?
— Initial question from member who has spotted a Teardrop
I thank you for taking notice. It was an heirloom from my much beloved grandmother.
— The correct answer to signal that you are a member of the order
Founding Date
1124 ADF
Secret, Occult
Controlled Territories
Manufactured Items
Notable Members

Hanatoft Historical Archives
Building / Landmark | Dec 10, 2021

An archive with many important historical records. Also the secret headquarters of the Hermetic Order of the Elusive Spirit. They run the place, but under a shell organizations name.



The hierarchy is as following:
  1. The Golden Council
  2. Chapters of the Order
  Hierarchy in regards to titles:
  1. Grand Virtuoso
  2. Council Master
  3. Council Mediem
  4. Acolyte
  5. Neophyte
  6. Apprentice
Venkiping University of the Magical Arts
Building / Landmark | Dec 10, 2021

The most prestigious magic school in the northern parts of Dysvoll.

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