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Venkiping University of the Magical Arts

The Prestigious Magic Educational Institution

The Venkipping University of the magical arts has existed for hundreds of years. It has been up and running without pause for the entire duration, except for the 20 day period it took to relocate to a new building as well as the time during and immediately after The Week of Terrors where some countries hunted Spell-casters.   The school teaches different spell types as well as the different types of magic, depending on what Fae Mark you possess and what you would like to master. The school is a safe haven for magic users and many spell-casters are employed here, where they are both promised a rather large salary for their talents and protection from anyone who might wish to harm them for the powers they possess.  


The structure is a big fort with a wide water canal around it. It's shaped like a six-pointed star and has a bastion on each star-tip. The waterfront was an important element used for protection back in the day. in the current age, the canals are kept around for that very same reason, just in case.   A handful of two-story buildings are placed in the same six-pointed shape, these buildings are commonly referred to as the outer ring. In the middle, there are four big buildings and a courtyard. This part of the old fort is called the inner ring.  

Outer Ring

The outer ring is composed of 24 medium-sized buildings. These buildings are used as student, teacher and servant housing. They were built in the most common architectural style used by the occupiers for forts in the 10th century. The outer ring of buildings features compact stories, as to make the buildings more stable, and thick walls made of multiple layers of stone. The roof is very flat and the windows which face outwards are extremely slim, as to not let an arrow through.   Many of the outer ring buildings have had more walls added inside them. This was with the purpose to transform storage compartments into housing areas.  

Inner Ring

the inner ring is comprised of four large buildings. This is where the library, classrooms, study halls, auditoriums and the grand hall are all located. The courtyard has a great fountain in the middle, which was build after the fort was taken over by the University.   The inner ring of buildings is made in the classical Bredtean 13th-century style, as all of the earlier buildings in the inner ring were burnt to the ground during the revolt against the oppressors. These buildings feature wooden framework as well as decorative overhangs and walls made from brick later clad with coloured clay. Furthermore, the roof is made in the bent style commonly where both hip roofs and gable roofs are utilized to give the desired look.  

The Grand Hall

The grand hall is one of the smaller buildings in the inner ring. The building is originally 3 stories tall, but the floor between the first and second story has been removed, except for just around the edges, which has railing all around it. This space is used by the teachers and headmaster to keep an eye on the happenings in the great hall, as well as for announcement so all students are able to see the announcer.   The top floor is the loft, which is used for storage of kitchen supplies as well as excess furniture and cutlery and plates.   The end of the building has a smaller kitchen, which is used for the last preparations the food goes through before it is sent out to the tables. Furthermore, the small kitchen also houses the entrance to the large kitchen, which is located in the basement.
Founding Date
936 ADF
Alternative Names
School of Magic
University / Educational complex
Parent Location
Characters in Location

Relocating and Repurposing

The school was earlier placed in a much smaller building in the same town, but after the Revolt of Bredtkiping, the old fort of the oppressors was left unused.   The town saw it fitting that it served a purpose. The school's earlier location was sadly burnt to embers during the revolt and the town voted to instate them in the fort.

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I love the detail you've gone into about the make up of the old fort and the different uses for the buildings. I particularly like the 2nd storey of one of the buildings got removed to turn it into an announcement space.