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The Week of Terrors

The Attack on the Fae Marked

A traumatic event which happened in multiple nations at the same time. Multiple leaders in Dysvoll sent national soldiers to arrest Spell-casters to ensure that they did not cause any problems or make uprisings.  
In just handful of days, the worst nightmares of spell-casters became true. Before, they were scrutinized and barely trusted, but after, they had been robbed of everything they knew.
— History book

Distrust and Tragedy

It isn't unseen or unheard of that some people have a tendency to be distrustful of those different from themselves. This is especially evident with how many magic users are treated amongst the humans. In some societies, those with a Fae Mark are seen as normal parts of the population. However, in other areas, magic users are seen as potential reasons for instability and as a threat to the status quo.  

A growing hatred

Due to the fact that magic users can grow in power significantly, some argue that they are able to topple over an established rule or government. These were some of the thoughts that won a lot of traction in the middle of the thirteen hundreds throughout Dysvoll.
At this time, those who argued that magic users were dangerous really won a lot of favour.
Suddenly, the public opinion on spell-casters went from them being interesting neighbours to dangerous individuals who were fundamentally different from everybody else.
— History book
  Distrust and even an outright hateful opinion towards magic users were completely normal, and not many would bat an eye at it when they encountered it.   It eventually became so normal that the leaders of many nations decided that their best bet to ensure their own total power was to eliminate any threat to it. In this case, this was the Spell-casters.

The Week that changed everything

The first day of the week of terrors started like any other day. The sun rose early and the birds along it, filling the streets with the relaxing sounds of bird chatter. But the idyllic morning was quickly ruined, as mounted knights across the continent rode out into the streets, the thundering sound of the hooved on the pavements drowning out everything else.   After this, commotion and screams broke out over the towns that had visits from the nights. Spell-casters were awoken and dragged from their homes, and arrested on the spot. Some were thrown into big carriages and immediately driven away from their families. Those who resisted ended up with bruises or broken bones, or in the worst cases, they ended up losing their lives.  

Official statistics

No official records were ever released, but the total number of arrests are suspected to be in the hundreds of thousands across the entire continent of Dysvoll. Many different nations participated in the mass arrests, and leaders had planned when it was going to happen, so no one had an idea what was about to transpire.  


When the week was over, many people were suddenly missing from their homes. Most were taken to interrogation rooms and cells were they were kept for days, weeks or even months in very shoddy conditions. Those that were deemed to not be threats were sent back to their families, and forced to register for a Spell-Caster Identification Card.   Those that were deemed to be a possible threat were kept for even longer periods of time and either broken down mentally, put in jail or deported from the country. Many people are also rumored to have died due to the horrible way they were treated. Many succumbed to illness, starvation or their injuries.  


As a direct result of this continent wide attack on spell-casters, the population of magic users in these countries dramatically decreased, both due to deaths and deportations. This led to a lack of magic users who helped out in communities both with practical roles and entertaintment.
  Many villages and towns were dependent on a healer, but since many died, the death toll of mild illnesses rose dramatically in the many next years.   Another consequence of the week was the making of the Spell-Caster Identification Card, which is required for all spell-casters so that those in power can keep track of them.   These events also led to many spell-casters dropping off the grid or fleeing to new places and never letting anyone know of their past or their abilities.
This week happened as the result of the leaders' mistrust of magic users. This was founded on barely anything, as they often met more resistance and uprising from non-magical citizens.   The week was also the reason why many magic users immediately lost all faith they had in their nations and leaders, and fairly so.
Conflict Type
State Teorrorism
Mass arrests
Mass Imprisonment
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Enormous amount of damage to Spell-casters, their properties as well as the death of some individuals.

Rank/Title | May 31, 2021

A title for thoe with Fae Marks.

Fae Mark
Condition | Jan 27, 2024

Fae Marks are bestowed by fae and give a human access to use Primal magic.


Fae Marks

Human magic users are easy to spot due to the very obvious mark they have somewhere on their skin. The specific mark is dependent on which type of Fae marked them or their ancestor if they inherited it through their bloodline.  
Fae Marks Gold
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Spell-Caster Identification Card
Document | May 31, 2021

A type of ID which is mandatory for spell-casters to have.

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Beautiful article with a harrowing story with lasting effects. I can see how this would impact the casters of the future and change society at it's core!

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Sad to see the ever-prevailing xenophobia is present even in fantasy universes. It's more common for contemporary or cyberpunk universes.   It's entirely beliveable though, and well written.   What I'm curious about is if the spell-casters started some form of petition or social movement to push back at the discrimination they suffered and continue to suffer.

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A very well-written article on a difficult topic!

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