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Elusive Code

Simple but Highly Effective

A simple code used by the members of the Hermetic Order of the Elusive Spirit. The code varies within the different languages spoken in the areas where the order operates, but the meaning of the words are the same.  


The code is commonly used in public spaced to signal to other members of the order without alarming any non-members present. This way of communicating originated when the need to distinguish wearers of teardrop jewellery from one another arose.   The jewellery is a symbol of the order, but due to many members being in higher circles, the jewellery was made popular in other spaces as well. As such, a code is needed to determine whether a wearer of a teardrop is with the order.  
That's a lovely piece of jewellery you wear.   What is its story?
— Initial question from member who has spotted a Teardrop
I thank you for taking notice. It was an heirloom from my much beloved grandmother.
— The correct answer to signal that you are a member of the order

Commonly Used Phrases

That's a lovely piece of jewellery you wear. What is its story?
Are you with the order?   I will take my leave, matters cannot solve themselves.
This is often said when leaving a group of people with one or more other members present. Signals that the other members are to follow discretely.   Definitely
Whenever this word is used to give an opinion, the speaker is signalling that they most definitely do not agree. It's a bit backwards but is often used to signal whether to vote yes or no to something. This is mostly used by members who are also members of councils, advisory staff or involved in law-making.   Certainly
This actually means that the speaker agrees with the statement they're referring to.

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