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The Spirit Pen of Yailiken

The Pen of Life and Death

The Spirit Pen of Yailiken is a magical artefact which has been lost for many years. The pen is rumored to have been made by the Spirit Fae or even by the Old Fae. Many have set out looking for this mysterious item, though none are known to have succeeded in finding it.  

The Spirit Pen

The Spirit Pen is a common story throughout Dysvoll and has been a stable folk myth for several hundred years. It is a common tale to tell children, as it is wonderous and seen as quite harmless. Most also see this as complete and utter nonsense, merely a fairytale.  

Uses of the Pen

Though some seek the pen due to its high value, most people are after it because of a completely different reason.   The pen is said to be able to bring people back from the dead, or, it could potentially send someone to their death without you having to do any dirty work. The limitations to the power of the pen vary from myth to myth, depending on where you are in Dysvoll.  

Write on anything

The most common version of the myth says that the pen will do its thing no matter what you write on. You simply have to write the name of the person and then the correct word for either "dead" or "alive" in the language of the fae. If the full name of the person is not written, it will not work.  

Write on the Person

Another version of the myth details that the user of the pen must write on the skin of the target for the magic in the pen to work. If you write on someone alive, they will die and if you write on someone dead, they will be brought back.   This version is often seen as depressing, as it only allows the user to bring back someone recently dead. However, the people who tell this version argue that the first version listed is downright gross. They believe that the affected will return to their body, and if the body is decayed, then it's not exactly a pretty sight.  

Write with the right ink

The third version of the myth is the least popular. This is probably due to the fact that it states that the pen is useless on its own. It needs the correct ink for it to work.   This version is often believed by the people who only look for it due to its materialistic value.
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General Appearance

The pen is commonly portrayed as a fountain pen made of the purest of gold, engraved with ornate and decorative images of plants and animals.   Most versions of the myth describe imagery of deer and vines. Furthermore, it is said to be encrusted with precious stones which glow from within.   Other accounts depict it as being fully encrusted by the purest of diamonds, though this version of the myth is less common.

Resurrection of Queen Laeone

The Spirit Pen of Yailiken is one of the relics we have invested the most time into uncovering. Without success, sadly.   However, it's importance in the Resurrection of Queen Laeone makes it a culturally important attract for the people of Dysvoll. As such, we will never give up the search.
— Spokesperson for the Dysvollean Archeological Society

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