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Hanatoft Historical Archives

Hidden in Plain Sight

Yeah I know where the Great Archives are, we all do.
It's that big white building just down the road!   It's very impressive; one of the finer buildings around here!
— Inhabitant of Hanatoft
  The Hanatoft Historical Archives is a library filled with historical records, relics and other interesting items. It is a well known building in Hanatoft and one of the prime examples of the more extravagant architectural styles found in rich areas in Hanalund.  

The Building

The architecture of the Archives is really something that makes it stand out compared to its surroundings. It is one of the most impressive buildings in Hanalund, save for the different town halls and government buildings found around the nation.  


The Archives building is built in a style often referred to as Rigodan, which is derived from the Hanisk word for rich.   It's built with a blindingly white stone with an astonishing amount of detailing and ornamentation. The roofs are tiled with black stone to contrast the pure white walls. The most recognisable part of the building is the tower-like structure which features a large dome-shaped roof. Other prominent features include ornamented pillars, large dark oak doors and gold and green detailing.  


The first floor is completely square, whereas the second and third story are plus-shaped. The dome is placed right in the centre and encompasses the fourth and fifth floor. Furthermore, the building has a large, 2 story basement. However, very few know of its existence.  


The basement is the official meeting place of the main cell of the Hermetic Order of the Elusive Spirit known as the Golden Council. This was made their main hideout after the organization managed to create a shell organisation in Hanalund, which was approved by the government to look after the archives. The basement was built after they took over the building, and so far, no one else has ever discovered its existence.
Alternative Names
The Archives
Parent Location

Hermetic Order of the Elusive Spirit
Organization | Jul 26, 2020

A secret society devoted to rediscovering the The Spirit Pen of Yailiken

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