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Teardrop of the Order

Symbol of the Hermetic Order of the Elusive Spirit

The teardrop of the order is a piece of jewellery commonly worn by the members of the Hermetic Order of the Elusive Spirit. This order is not publicly known, and the Teardrops are used to indicate to other order members that you are a member as well.  
The Teardrop is a symbol, yes - a way to signal to your fellow order members. However, it is more than just that.   It is a symbol of status, pride and most importantly, one of the community we find in our shared goal.
— Order Member during a meeting for new apprentices of the order


The Teardrop of the order is easily recognisable, as it is a blue crystal cut in the briolette style. Usually, it is fastened to a string or an earring piece by melted gold, expertly crafted in ornate vine-like patterns to lock the stone in place. The pendant can be worn in a number of ways, both as an earring, necklace or even as a decorative belt piece if that is what one wishes. The only requirement is that it is visible.    

Popularity in common fashion

Due to many members being high profile and high standing, the look of the teardrop jewellery became somewhat common between the richer circles. As such, another tool must be taken into use to determine whether or not someone is a member of the order.   Determining whether the Teardrop is genuine or not is usually done by reciting parts of the Elusive Code and waiting for the right answer back to confirm whether or not the other person is a part of the order.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Related Condition
250 grams

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