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Trinity Council

Your voice needs to be heard.

Three Representative

  All representative from each race formed a council that will dictate all the rules and regulation inside Aranama. Each and every one of the representative form a legal contract stating that they'll dedicate everything that they can to pursue a common goal together, that is to find a new home. All of them agree to form a GEAS contract to keep everything binding and to prevent the other rep betraying another. After all of the legality is over with, all of them quickly voice out their opinions and thus Trinity was born. Each one of them embodies the example that they're going to create, it took at least couple of days to create this organization. Then again it took years to maintain the laws since the Trinity Council is the law. Both on papers and on streets

Trinity (Law, Order, and Voice)

First Rule: The Law

  Thou shall not harm your fellow man and thy neighbour. This is the very first rule that established towards Aranama to diminish ancient grudge between each and every race that reside inside Aranama.

Second Rule: The Order

  Thou shall think of other and treat them like you treat yourself. When the council officiate this rule, they received quite a feedback since some of the resident have a dispute with some other races as well. Nonetheless, Trinity Council defuse the situation with a simple penalty system to strongly implement these changes.

Third Rule: The Voice

  Thou shall not hold your voice, your voice will be heard. Last of the Trinity and this rule is made to encourage the resident to speak up regarding everything that happened around Aranama.

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