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The Fryst Family

One of the three Founding Families of Haverstock, the Fryst family has consistently grown and expanded their milling operations to become the wealthiest and most powerful family in the Verdant Grasmark.  

Current Members

  Gam Fryst
In the decade after his grandfather Varm's passing, a young, ambitious Gam cut his teeth by aiding in the construction and management of both the Upriver and Downriver Mills for his father. The primary motivator in expanding Fryst operations, his guidance has seen the family dominate milling in Haverstock across the Grasmark. With calculated precision, family holdings now include acquisitions in Haverstock, Milbriestock and the Crossroads.   Gam's ambition always gave him an air of self-importance, but his age, success and influence have added the cold air of condescension. Strong of will, but frailer of body since he passed 70, Gam maintains control of the family purse, but has given over day-to-day operations to his eldest son Haj.   Haj Fryst
50ish. Strong. Distinguished. Runs the family business with a calm, bass rumble.
Stays on town council to "aid" the town purse strings.
Funded and endorsed current mayor - rubber stamps increased holdings in city.
Not into illegal dealings, just unethical ones.   Barra Fryst
Early 40s. Towering mountain of a man.
Said to resemble Varm.
"The muscle" during negotiations, but does not enjoy it.
Softer since the birth of his twins - Lila and Gron (currently tweens)
  • Lila is the first female born to a Fryst in known history!
  • Gam was incensed.
  • Haj sees her as an opportunity.
  Vesla Fryst
Mid 20s. Unexpected pregnancy. The troublemaker of the family.
Constantly skirting the law. This is the kid they have to pull strings to keep out of jail.
Lost "Founder's Mill" in a gamble.
  • Gam was LIVID.
  • Haj sent him into exile until Gam could calm down.


As far back as the family can recount, the Fryst family has borne only sons. As such, their family structure is exclusively Patriarchal. Eldest sons are expected to inherit the family business and it is their duty to carry on the family lineage.


Through calculated investments and clever book keeping, the Fryst family has become one of the richest families in the Grasmark. Their more significant land holdings include:
  • Haverstock
    • Fryst's Upriver Mill & Granary
    • Fryst's Downriver Mill & Granary
    • Fryst's Inn & Tavern
    • Old Fryst Mansion
  • Fiskhund Lake
    • The Fryst Estate
    • Fryst's Saw Mill
  • Milbriestock
    • Fryst's Mill & Granary of Milbriestock
    • a large warehouse
    • Delilah's Bakery
  • The Crossroads
    • "The Crossroads House"
    • a small warehouse


The Fryst family were proud farmers in the Verdant Grasmark before the The Blazing Harvest and were amongst the thousand refugees that arrived to King's Bay with little more than the soot-stained clothes on their back.   Syg Fryst hated city life and hated relying on the King's generosity to provide for his family. During his time as a refugee, Syg quickly adopted an ends-justifies morality to leverage his large stature and farmer's work ethic into a modest fortune. Once they returned to the Grasmark, he'd be damned if he or his family ever had to start from scratch again
Political, Family
Controlled Territories


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