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Parandor Trading Company

The Parandor Trading Company has its roots all the way back to the end of the Sidhen-Orcish Wars. Steadfast early allies of the Lukai family that eventually Ascended to godhood, the Parandors had made a rather unique name for themselves among the other pirate lords in that they specialized in the movement of stolen goods. Rather than taking it upon themselves to loot and pillage personally, they struck a deal with many other groups to transport, protect, and eventually fence items seized during raids. With Erss Lukai at the helm of Vendramyr's new government, he appointed Dausitae Parandor as Minister of Trade and trusted him with all that entailed.   Dausitae was the first and last of the Parandor line to hold the office, but the legacy of his family still plays an important role in Vendramyr. As the largest shipping conglomerate on the plane, they are in charge of most goods and people that are transported across Namkural, with a particular focus on the continent of Yerenth itself. If something can be shipped by sea, air, or land, the PTC is sure to have a hand in it -- or be actively working toward that end. They are the single biggest employer of Vendramyran citizens, both luna sidhe and other races, with even the country's military secondary to their amount of staff.   Citizens of other nations will tell you that the PTC is Vendramyr's economy, but the luna sidhe don't see it quite so cut and dry. Rather, because the Parandors have always had a close working relationship with the Vendramyran government, they are seen as benevolent benefactors willing to be cutthroat in their dealings with other countries. They strike a hard, if typically fair bargain, and are one of the driving forces behind Vendramyr's imperial bent -- but also known for being generous donors and sponsors toward Vendramyr's social programs, educational institutions, and cultural endowments.   Behind the scenes, the Parandors also have their strings attached to a lot of illicit goings on. Drugs, contraband, and illegal imports flow through their ports and ships just as easily as more mainstream goods -- and everything can be purchased for a price. The only type of such trade they do not dip their feet into is slavery, owing to the luna sidhe's past as chattel to the gold sidhe of Eldimyr.
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