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The Forum of Cultural Welfare

Tanna made her way into the small village of Watchers Rest. It, like many Veren towns was centered around a Patron's estate, where the lord, and the landless workers lived, and was surrounded by the houses and shops of the Merchant and Craftsman class. The similarities ended there, the town was built into the forest. The roads were little more than dirt paths that had been cleared of trees.  The buildings in the town were sparse, and separated into smaller neighborhoods that had a small guard post each. She theorized the ancestors of these people, must have been woodsmen, and preferred living in their small familial groups rather than the large cities of Veren. This was intolerable. Tanna was further sickened by the distinct clothing of the people, and the way they demonstrated their emotions. The clothes were savage in nature, hides and repurposed pants that were designed in tunics and coats. The people here, despite Invctus' teaches did not wear Oathcloaks, preferring to recognize based off family rather than duty. These people were clearly our of regulation. A common problem in the smaller towns of vassal kingdoms, ones without the bureaucratic nobility or Ascended ones to act as an example.   Tanna spent four weeks observing this particular group of people, analyzing the weaknesses in their community. She found that the village elders, one for each of the 13 neighborhoods was revered with religious zeal. During events, which happened every three days; the elders would gather around at one table, and the people would discuss the issues of the town, paying no heed to rank or status. She discovered an odd culture of posturing between males of the village, who often challenged each other for the slightest of infractions. The two males would then go to a ring in the middle of the village, and partake in 'duels' of various types (usually wrestling) for the display of the woman folk. Furthermore, artists and philosophers are allowed to speak to the town or preforme their art in public. Eccentricity are not chided, and emotion is not punished, thus the human population here is stronger than average, and poses a threat to the entire vassal if they were to gain any traction.   My solution to this problem is four fold. 1: Subsidize a new settlement that will cut off trade to the village, and force them to merge.; 2 Call a draft and gather up as many of the young men as possible, 3: Grant funds to the church of invictus to start a monastery nearby. 4: Instigate the local fauna to become more aggressive, specifically during these feasts. These solutions will take apart the community, and destroy their culture while forcing them to become more dependent on the Imperial culture as a whole.

Public Agenda

The Forum of welfare the 'secret police' of the Veren Empire. Instead of arresting people directly, they control there general culture of the empire, to prevent humans or other subservient races from breaking off. They work diligently to destroy any culture differs from orthodox Veren to keep the empire unified.
Governmental, Ministry
Parent Organization


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