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The Martian Security Alliance

The Martian Security Alliance is the controlling governmental body on Mars. When, due to prolonged climate change, internal nuclear war, and lack of centralized leadership, Earth began to fall and deteriorate, Mars began a covert operation to secure independence from Earth. The MSA had already been gathering intelligence on its people, the Viceory continuing to grant power to the MSA in order to increase their independence. Consisting of doctors, engineers, and researchers, the MSA first worked to improve systems for agriculture, climate, and governance. They recruited the most talented scientists from Earth, most of them eager to start new, safer lives on Mars. The Viceroy worked to establish trade and diplomatic relations by focusing on using deuterium as a source of trade, but also finding an ally with the Solids on intellectual property and development.   Not everyone on Mars agreed with seeking independence. Many still had connections to Earth and hoped to bring their loved ones in soon. The MSA, though, worked to convince enough of independence, plus using questionable methods on those that did not. The Viceory declared independence in 2240, and Earth, with its collapsed politics and environment, was left deciding whether to not to send troops. Mars had been building their defenses, and while they had no standing army, they had an arsenal of biological and chemical weapons.   Ultimately, Earth allowed for independence. The countries set up trade operations, but Mars set strict restrictions on those that could travel to Mars. The MSA, excited by their new power and independence, began enforcing new laws and rules on Mars to promote increased production and harmony among citizens. However, many objected to the increased rules. Having seen what has happened on Earth and fearing for rebellion, the MSA increased their surveillance of Martians, and introduced new laws stating that those shown working against the government or against life on Mars would be deported back to Earth, even those born on Mars. Many supported these laws, wanting to keep a highly regulated Mars a safe haven.
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Mixed economy

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