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Deepgleam Family


The story of the Deepgleam family begins in a Dwarven clan. One of the young women becomes smitten with an Elf that is visiting as part of trade negotiations. Eventually he leaves and she finds herself with child.   When the child is born as a Dwelf the women is considered disgraced and she is stripped of her clan name. She is later taken in by another clan, but isn't allowed to take their name and is treated barely better than a slave. The girl grows up shunned and bullied, but is actually highly intelligent. She observes and learns all she can on mining/gemcutting/smithing in hopes that eventually she can gain the clan's approval. However her mother gets terribly sick, and her pleas for help fall on deaf ears. When the young Dwelf's mother passes away she swears to never rely on others, and leaves the Dwarven city for the overworld.   For several years she traveled, learning as much as she could about trade and business so that one day she could be independent. Along the way she found companionship with a Half Orc, bonding over their similar experiences has hybrids. During one trip she came across a massive cave filled with veins of many different kinds of gems. It was at this point she realized her life was about to change forever. Using her skills she had picked up throughout her life she quickly set up a mining outpost, started a jewelry business, and building business relationships. She took the family name of Deepgleam.   The gems and jewelry she produced gave her immense influence and power in the area, so she began experimenting in other business ventures, for a good business women knew to never place all their eggs in one basket. She soon had stakes in alcohol, drugs, potionmaking, prosthetics, ect. The Dwelf herself was very keen to protect her assets, paying close attention to politics and using her influence to make sure events benefited her. She had her own guard organization set up to protect her assets, and anyone found stealing or sabotaging her businesses was promptly dealt with. However with all this wealth there was one thing she still desired above all else, a family. So she began taking in orphans, especially hybrid orphans. She gave them everything, a home, love, an education, a family. These children would often take the family name Deepgleam.
Controlled Territories

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