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Bah! Sure, they saved us. They saved us from having some street rat steal food from us, or maybe even from someone deciding to strong-arm us for what gold we have. And for the privilege of being saved, we only have to let them take what they want, and pay them besides!

I'm just trying to make a living, and they want to be lords to our serfs. I do good work, people know me and want to buy my things, but I can't get ahead. Everything goes to those vultures - they 'protect' my store so that I can sell things and give them the money.

Now, they tell me they need to use my stock room. They won't tell me why, just that they need it. Everything I've worked for is slipping away, and they call it protection.

— Anonymous shopkeeper
Sulae, 792 Af.


The Enforcers are loosely structured, with local cells reporting up to the Oditian hierarchy. Generally, a local cell is a gang culled from the streets led by a soldier in the organization. The soldier is expected to keep a handle on the toughs, and to ensure that both the businesses under protection are protected and that all businesses sign up for protection.


Enforcers are above the law in the areas they work, and they know it. In some places, they are actually welcomed, as rival gangs can lead to substantial damages to the area. In most areas, the fees charged by the Enforcers far outweigh any benefits, but the people have no way to fight against it.


A gang of Enforcers are generally well armed for city life, though they don't tend to armor. They do not keep much cash on hand in their lairs, as most of it gets kicked up as fees to the Organization. They often have many small luxuries in their lairs, bonuses that they have appropriated from their clients.


As Oditio gained a foothold in Helion and Sulae, the crime families began to establish themselves. During this time, fighting between various followers of Oditio often spilled into the streets. In an effort to build goodwill, some of the families started to protect the local businesses and populace, and built relationships that helped both sides.

As time passed, and the violence lessened, the surviving families began to see the protection as a possible revenue source. They began to ask for their costs of protection to be covered, and established the Enforcers. When some locals began to balk at the payments, the Enforcers took it upon themselves to show them what could happen if they did not have protection. Enough demonstrations of how dangerous the world still was, and the Enforcers became a tidy money making operation, with little fighting necessary.

Nice Place

The Enforcer's Fist - the ring has the colors of Oditio, on a clenched fist
Illicit, Syndicate

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