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The Terrene

Evil Rising

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There is the Terrene, and there is the Empyrean. They both exist within the great jewel, separate but entwined. The immortals - the Gods and Devils, Mothers and Fathers, Lords and Archons - rule the Empyrean, while the Terrene is the land of mortals. The Terrene feeds the Empyrean, and the Empyrean guides the Terrene.

The Empyrean maintains balance between the Three - the Moribus, Ecologus , and Dharmus. The people of the Terrene understand the three in the simplest of terms: the Moribus defines good and evil; the Ecologus, nature and civilization; and the Dharmus, Order and Chaos. These are further divided into the six truths: Good exists, therefore Evil must; Civilization builds wonders by consuming Nature, while Natural forces create their own wonders and destroy that which does not respect it; and the Terrene runs on Order, although it inexorably slides to Chaos.

Each Truth has four Aspects, and the Deities of the Empyrean each represent a single Aspect. Each Truth is a point on the great Jewel, and they connect to other points that are defined by the three Truths they touch. These definitions have changed over time, which has lead to new Deities arising. The Aspects are defined by the three points that form them.

After a period of balance, the great Jewel has been upset in its turning. Facets may shift, and a new balance struck. Some even seek the destruction of the jewel itself.


The Terrene and the Empyrean

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

The Deities of the Empyrean are restless, and the mortals of the Terrene will pay the price