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Light and dark define each other, life and death is a cycle, and good only exists if evil does. The Moribus contains all of this and more. It is the axis upon which life revolves, and both ends are equally vital. But the ends are not always what they seem.

Suffering and pleasure are part of the Morbius, and they are in tension with one another. But is all suffering evil, or all pleasure good? What about pleasure at other's suffering? Good and evil exist, certainly, but they do not define the poles of the Moribus any more, or less, than do life and death or light and dark. And no matter what the priest's say, the God's and Devil's are defined by being on the extremes of the Moribus, and all that it entails, rather than just good or evil.

— The Truths;
Tatana Delon, heretic of Quentis

Ah, but that means you agree that the Devils do contain evil, right? And really, when evil is a core part of your existence, does it really matter if you also represent more than just that?
Kadu Brightforge, Scholar


In most depictions of the The Jewel, the Moribus is the axis closest to vertical. The top of the Jewel shows the Gods, while the bottom is usually obscured. This gives the impression, intentionally by the artists, that the Moribus is the axis upon which the Jewel rotates, and the God's side of the Moribus is fundamentally superior.

A more accurate, though still fundamentally flawed, view is that the Jewel does not rotate at all, or that it somehow rotate on more than one axis at a time. The Morbius is an equal to the Ecologus and Dharmus.

The Truths
Associated Deities (Devils) Associated Deities (Gods)
  • Adalci
  • Corinne
  • Quentis
  • Tempatia

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