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The Ecologus is nearly as misunderstood as the Moribus, although rather than being misunderstood in itself, it is how it interacts with the Dharmus that some struggle with. But understanding the other axes helps with understanding here.

Nature and civilization are the common understanding of the two poles, and they are a reasonable approximation. All too often, though, people cannot distinguish between this and order and chaos which is closer to the Dharmus. But the beehive, or ant colony, with their rigid structure, would both be considered to fall on the same end of the Ecologus as as a lone predator like a tiger or nexu.

Perhaps sapience would be a better divider between the two, but that doesn't suffice either. The fey are quintessential to the pole associated with nature, and they are more intelligent in most ways than any of the so called civilized races. Tool use has been proposed, but at that point it almost seems like we have gone beyond fundamental truths and are simply throwing stuff at the wall and seeing if it sticks (and even then, I've seen animals that none would argue are part of the civilized end use tools to help them in daily lives).

The best answer I've come up with, the one with the fewest holes, is what I'm calling interconnectedness. Wolf packs, bee hives, ant colonies - all are groups coming together to help their members, but from what I have seen, they do not work with other groups to help the species as a whole succeed. The civilized end, however, purports to do so, even though they are generally much worse at helping the fellow members of their species than the natural versions are. A Human king, or an Elven emperor, will claim responsibility for many groups, calling people from one end of a kingdom to provide assistance to people they never have and never will meet on the other end of the kingdom. This desire to spread beyond the bounds of what a tribe can do on its own may be the fundamental thing that causes one to drift to the civilized end of the Ecologus.

— Musings on the Jewel
Kadu Brightforge, Scholar


In most depictions of The Jewel, the Ecologus is the axis running from the front to back relative to the viewer. The civilization end of the Ecologus is depicted at the front, or sometimes angled to the front and left, and the natural end is unseen. This makes the Fathers more visible than the Mothers, which is true about the Deities themselves. The Mothers tend to be shrouded in mystery and want it that way, while the Fathers, more than any other Deity, are looking to spread their brand of Truth as widely as possible.

The Dharmus is often confused with the Ecologus, with many conflating the desires of order with that of civilization. A review of the teachings of Rosarum and Fierte should demonstrate the difference, although even then some are more taken with the similarities from being on the edge of order than the differences between nature and civilization.

Metaphysical, Divine

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