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Dominus Bulla, Godfather or Pride, Wrath, and Evil Oditio

Now, don't get me wrong, friend - I have nothing at all bad to say about the new additions to the crew. Yes, it is true, they are pushing things in a direction I may not have done myself, but as long as we continue to profit, who am I to complain?

I mean, yes, I am the captain, so if anyone has the right to complain, it would be me. Be that as it may, I must admit that there has been more gold coming in than before, in strangely specific amounts, which should make the men happy. They would be happier, I think, if we were using it on drink, lavish food, and willing bed mates.

I do not remember the last time we set upon a fat merchant ship, plundering gold and gems - at this point I'd accept silk and wool! - then returning to port and wasting every last copper. Actually, I do - it was that time when I sent my best men out to recover the treasure from the Pirate Isles. Ah, what a time that was - me, sitting here, drinking and eating, while my loyal crew were out gathering up treasure so we could do more drinking and eating. But even then, the treasure was disappointing. Most of my people were killed in the process, with only Jordlin returning, with a new friend in tow.

Since then, the "friend" has moved on, but I believe that he is still influencing Jordlin. Yes, he still does the same things he always did, but the incoming money stream flows through him (and why always multiples of 19 copper?), and he has tried to assert more control over the outgoing. He has also taken to gambling with the other pirates, and I think he is using it to make them more loyal to him than to me.

My friend, I believe it may be time for me to move on. This bay has been good to me, and I believe we have been good for them, but things end. Something is coming, and it is starting to feel like Corellum deciding it is time to deal with the entire Bay might be the best possible outcome. For now, I'm going to continue to drink - maybe I'll ask the corpse outside what he thinks about it, eh?

Hondo Ohnaka, Pirate King
Vain Eddie's Gibbet, Scywyk Bay, 888 Af.

Divine Domains

Devil of Pride, Wrath, and Evil
Clerics of Oditio weild the powers of Death, the Forge, and War


In a previous age, the Devils each created artifacts to power the Aegrus Occisor in his attempt to conquer the world.
Oditio was responsible for the most potent of these artifacts - the Occisor Coins. The coins trapped the essences of 20 powerful beings, who were bound to the will of the Occisor.

Holy Books & Codes

The Fures Codice outlines the code of conduct for followers of Oditio. The most important tenets are:
  • The Price must be paid
  • Respect is earned, and those in positions of respect have done so
  • You answer to the Order and the Cabal, not to the government, and you should not answer to them at all
  • Money matters, but not as much as the Order
  • Betray the Order, and face the wrath of the Cabal

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Oditio's personal symbol is a coin with his own face.
The Order uses the coin, and a shadowed eye that is very similar to Shimin's symbol.
The Cabal uses no symbols.
Divine Classification
Devil (Deity of Evil)
Short and black, slicked back and shiny
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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