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Oditian Cabal

Mythology & Lore

When the Devil Oditio looked down upon the land, He saw the rituals of death being performed, and He knew this was good. He swelled with Pride, at this and at the civilization growing around them. They followed the Truth, and He would ensure that they fulfilled their parts.

But as the civilizations grew - as villages became towns, and towns became cities - He saw the rot forming within. He saw the people looking for power of their own, rather than following the Truth. Or, worse still, some began to follow the half-Truths, or even the Lies. At this, Oditio brought forth his Wrath, and created the Cabal.

The Cabal are the warriors of the Truth. They cut the rot from civilization, allowing it to flourish properly.

Oditio's Pact
Foundation 2:2-11

Divine Origins

The Cabal has existed almost as long as there have been worshipers of Oditio. The first member recruited the second member to help kill a tribal elder that they did not feel properly revered Oditio. The two found other like minded followers, and shaped the history of the Oditian Order and much of the world. Had they not constantly undergone schisms, they could have had a much more profound impact.

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