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The Jewel

Bah! Who cares about the Deities? The Gods will always fight the Devils, and no one will ever win. The most any of them can hope for is to make the Jewel wobble a bit, maybe have a hated rival fade away. But a new one will appear, and soon enough they'll be the hated rival. Meanwhile, we feed them with our lives and our souls, and only the few favorites get anything in return.

But the Jewel! The Jewel is all of it. The

Moribus, Dharmus, and Ecologus, all of it, encompassed in one perfection. Why do we want to help the Deities in upsetting it? Maybe, if we abandon the Deities, the Jewel itself will continue on in flawless perfection, and we will continue on with it?

Or perhaps it will all shatter? Have you thought of that? What do you truly know of the Truths? Have you even risen above the duality? Or are you stuck on good vs evil, order vs chaos, nature vs civilization? The true meanings are beyond us. Some understand more than others, but no one on the Terrene understands more than a small fraction. I doubt if the Deities themselves get more than half. And you want to put your faith in that? In your imperfect understanding of even a fraction of its meaning?

Then let it shatter! We're slaves to it! Cut off the Deities, strip them of their power, and let the world end if that's the only way. If the Truths are really truth, then letting them go is what is supposed to happen. If we die in agony or live in paradise, let this world end!

Wilber Hyde,Founder of Cult of the Jewel
and Stanley Hyde,
Shortly before death of Stanley, 311 Af.

Divine Domains

The Jewel is the embodiment of all aspects of Truth, and incomprehensible to sapient species. It contains everything, including the deepest truths and the most devastating lies. It does not respond to worship, and grants its favors as it sees fit or not at all.

Holy Books & Codes

Those who have touched their mind to the Jewel have invariably gone mad. Some of those have written down their ramblings, and these have been found by others. The most famous is Refraction, by Wilber Hyde.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The Jewel is its own symbol, a 24 sided gem with 14 vertices. It looks like a cube with a shallow pyramid on each face, with the top of the pyramids representing the aspects of Truth.
Divine Classification
Great Old One

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