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The Terrene and the Empyrean

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of The Terrene
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It has been thousands of years since the Immortals truly interfered with the Terrene, but the time of their forbearance has passed. The City of the Gods is soon to fall under siege, and the technologically advanced civilization of Valbarra is preparing ships to tame the wilder continents. Chaos is ascendant, and the forces of order are hard pressed to maintain their grip on the land.

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Sessions Archive

15th Aug 2020

Wondrous World Carnival

The Carnival starts today - what wonders will you find?

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8th Aug 2020

The Island and the City

The island is not even close to fully explored, but things are happening in the city.

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2nd Aug 2020

Leaving Custone

The attack on Custone is over, and a new day rises. While the grief of the town is understandable, you don't all share it, and the world awaits.

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19th Jul 2020

The Dead Rise

Having learned of the undead attack on the town, and experiencing one of their own, our party is keeping watch through the night at the Copper Cup.

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