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Kaigenesis Covenant

The Kaigenesis Covenant is a fanatical organization that values technological progress at nearly any cost to the point of fanaticism and helped establish the New Kaigen Collective at the end of the planet spanning Divergence War. The first and greatest discovery by this organization were the Prime Revelations, in short they confirmed that all species across Ur originated from a single ancestor species now known as the Kaijin Prime. The Prime Revelation and advanced technologies recovered from first Kaijin Prime dig sites are what led the Kaiur to the unification period at the end of the Divergence War.   As the Divergence War came to a close the founder and greatest mind of the time that founded the Kaigenesis Covenant, Arch-Technologist Karsh, put forth articles to unite several of the greatest factions across Ur into a Collective Agreement or umbrella organization to maintain peace across Ur and uncover solutions to greater threats growing across Ur. No matter if it was the promise of progress or an agreement for mutual survival against a greater threat this formed the New Kaigen Collective and began the Age of Expedition.  


This organization's primary functions include hunting down relics of the Kaijen Prime to reverse engineer and uncover their technology, arcane secrets or even more secrets on our origination and purpose in life. The Kaigenesis Covenant is also responsible for recovering abused or lost relics of power that are too dangerous for any one faction to control, this is justified by the sub-factions and NKC allies to to maintain balance within the New Kaigen Collective and prevent a return of the Divergence War.  

The Great Threat...

The Kaigenesis Covenent also carries a second, less public function, they are currently stemming the resurgence of Malitek, a sinister element of "sentient goo" and hive like being capable of infecting and rendering all organic material on Ur to nothing if left unchecked.   The origins of Malitek are still largely unknown to the people of Ur and even those within the Kaigenesis Covenant. However what is known to select few is that Malitek is so dangerous that it may be related to the Kaijin Prime's Great Exodus. This Great Exodus is the period of time where the predecessors of modern Kaiur, the Kaijin Prime, left Ur to sail into the stars, which was the end of the Age of the Primes.   This lethality and nature of Malitek in its full scope is known only to a handful including the sitting Arch-Technologist, Grand Marshals of the NKC (New Kaigen Collective), Faction leaders and hand selected Exo-Knight Strike Teams. The Exo-Knight Strike Teams were specifically created for this purpose and are overseen by the Kaigenesis Covenant directly. They are highly trained and supplied warriors, scientists or specialists in various fields that are assigned to specialist containment teams. They are held to an oath of secrecy to prevent paranoia and fear from freezing all Kaiur should they learn the true threat of Malitek and its insidious nature.  

Conspiracy of Celestial Objects...

There are also safely guarded state secrets concerning Urs planetary rings being a form of Kaijen Prime technology, implemented to safeguard Ur, though the true purpose is unknown. More specifically it has never been confirmed as all attempts to reach the rings have failed from spectaular aero detonations to technologists disappearing upon discovery of clues of the rings true nature. These events have lead to more than one form of conspiracy or rumor across the NKC, many of those conspiracies even point within the Kaigenesis Covenent themselves, implying a rift within the massive organization. True or not there are ideological rifts growing within this behemoth organization as hypothesis clash on the nature of the Kaijin Prime, the rings , Malitek and even the origin of Ur itself.   One thing is certain though, to the everyday Kaiur, the Kaigenesis Covenant is a monolithic organization that practically guides the movement of their entire civilization through the use of the front facing governments. Most accept this as it doesn't readily affect their day to day lives. Most Kaiur are simply thankful for the organizations work which ended the most violent conflict in known Kaiur history, the Divergence War, bringing about an age of enlightenment on their originations, Arctek advancements and path forward through the dangers of Ur.
Geopolitical, Technocracy


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