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Judeo-Christian Church

The Judeo-Christian Church is what remains of the various religions circling the ideas of Yahweh. In Thrae, the Judeo-Christian theology gradually merged together as humanity's numbers diminished and it's world-wide impact faded with the awakening of the gods of yore. Religion had become an answer to the troubles emerging in the Age of Awakening, but the church's power faded.   There is great strength now in Thrae with the local human population. Having become the official religion of the Divine Kingdom of Arcane under the impression that the apocalypse of the world has already passed and they now live in the world of the devils, the church relies on the idea that their deity is reborn through humanity as a great hero instead of merely watching from a separate plane like other gods. They call these incarnations the sons of god, however only one may exist at a time. The current son of god is unknown.   The religion as a whole while proprietary and sanctimonious holds dastardly sins. It is well known in the world that the Judeo-Christian Church has repeated history since the Dark Ages. Through their combined presence with The Divine Kingdom of Arcane, has dominated most of Western Thrae, as their imperialist mentality waged war during the Age of Birth and Burning.   In various attempts for political power, the JUdeo-Christian Church has ordained various 'Saints' in hopes to hold power in the lives of the Sacred Six of the The Dark Prophecy. Some famous saints include Saint Bernadette of Warrington who was chosen and hailed to be a member, though it proved to be false.


The religion is lead by various orders, first built by the papacy. The pope leads the church as a figurehead, but the cardinals truly hold the power.


Most of the culture around the Judeo-Christian Church is similar to those in the eons prior during the Dark Ages. However, many holiday traditions have changed into a focus of the newer day saints, while those of yore have become patrons worshipped and sought for their divine wisdom and power.

Public Agenda

The public agenda of the Judeo-Christian Church is to spread world of their great lord and leader, the son of god. However they are more motivated as a system in the power of religion than the praise and worship of their god.


The church managed to survive the Dark Ages. When the AGe of Darkness loomed heavily over the world, it lived on. Many religions from the truly ancient times of Thrae came back with magic, and when people searched for answers in the chaos, many turned to religion. Despite the lack of faith during the Age of Darkness, the magic boom reinvigorated the belief system in the Judeo-Christian Faith, and new prophets appeared, claiming the name of Jesus Christ.

ac fides Dei est fides erit in medio vestrum

Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
Jesus Camp, Green Crusaders, Nun Factory, That Religion, Fake Religion
Related Ranks & Titles

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