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The Dark Prophecy

While it may sound dark and ominous, the dark prophecy is a common tale shared between people like any other fairy tale or religious myth. Many other cultures have had phenomenons dubbed to be Armageddons or Ragnaroks, however all those passed after the Age of Darkness, with only the dark prophecy remaining.   The dark prophecy emerged from the chaos that was the dark ages; on the edge of the Age of Awakening but still within the birth of magic, it depicted a destiny for six heroes.  
"Sacred Six will come to Aid, When death doth not wilt and sun have no shame. Their actions good or evil shall be made, This party six shall save or bring the world aflame."
Nothing else is known about the prophecy or the members mentioned within, except that they would come in time when the world would need their aid. However, despite the various wars and tragedies the world of Thrae faced, no Sacred Six showed up. People were of course obsessed with this prophecy and worshiped the possibility of sacred heroes saving the remains of humanity from another possible age of darkness.   During the Age of Saints, the Judeo-Christian Church were one of many guilty parties that tried to usurp the title of these "Sacred Six" by proclaiming some of their own warriors or heroes as members of the prophecy -- one famous case being [/color]Saint Bernadette of Warrington. These 'Saints' were powerful warriors either raised or conditioned by the church to serve the country of Arcane through warfare, espionage, and assassination.   Though many people stepped up, claiming to be members of the prophecy, the number of proclaimers never added up to six. Oddly enough, any groups or organizations that conspired to make a group of six warriors ended up perishing, such as with Saint Bernadette of Warrington whose entire adventuring party was slaughtered except for her in a wild attack by a black dragon.   Six is now considered a supernatural number in Thrae because of the prophecy; it is often advised that people never travel in groups of six as the gods of fate would smite them for playing around with destiny. Many religious groups still ignore this warning, however; they find it much more advantageous if they could have pull over any potential Sacred Six members, and as a result take in as many children under their care through education or warship in order to call claim to any heroes. The Judeo-Christian Church is infamous for their monasteries named after their famous saints who were once proclaimed as false heroes attempting to usurp the mantles of the Sacred Six.   Many believers in the prophecy call these 'Saints' apostates and heretics to the rest of the world as they play with heir mortal fates by tempting destiny and the gods above that orchestrate their lives. Others actively go against the prophecy, believing it to be just another doomsday prediction -- one that will pass like the others. Then there are those who try to enact the prophecy, and these people are the most dangerous as they will do everything they can to hold the power of the Sacred Six in their very own hands.   But, since it is a fable from long ago, it's mostly held as a children's tale, for children to be wary of fate and to hold respect for the gods; they play on the idea that the prophecy isn't real but the anger of the gods are. It can be found in books, sold as fairy tales, and distributed as warnings to adventurers in the road.  
"Be careful," they said, "For groups six always end up dead."

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