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The Eye of Storms and its "Holy" Ways

Lendellin is surrounded by acres upon acres of crops, the main export of the city and the reason it prospers so much. That being said, the town respects their harvest with great reverence, and will do just about anything that will lead to it prospering. That's where the Eye of Frith comes into play.
  The Eye of Frith is a religious organization that worships Frith, the city's beloved patron goddess of rain and prosperity. The men and women of the Eye are the go-betweens of the people and their goddess. The Temple of Rain is where prayers of the lords and laymen are passed on to the priests and priestesses, who in turn, pass those prayers on to their deity. Copper, silver, and gold coins are offered as well, thrown into the intricate fountain in the temple; a fountain that finds itself empty of wealth every morning. Many of the more gullible inhabitants believe that Frith descends upon the temple every night to collect her tribute. But the more sharp-eyed citizens notice the bulging purses and wet sleeves of the holy men and women as they lock up the temple for the night. They don't dare voice their observations.
  The religious group has been growing in power over the years, to the point where the current high priest contends with even the governor of Lendellin. Rivals, outspoken non-believers, and anyone deemed a threat to the eye, are declared public enemies of Frith, or even "possessed by drought spirits". Enemies of Frith are shunned by all who fear to suffer the same treatment, and the so called possessed are taken into custody to be exorcised by baptism, (a misleading name for water torture) purification, (only being given water for days straight) and trials (being exposed to scalding or freezing water). Coincidentally, Enemies of Frith who are too popular or powerful to be put through these ordeals without causing a stir often happen to mysteriously disappear.
  So if you ever see someone in a white robe with blue markings, be sure to grant them whatever they ask, whether it be an apple from your fruit stand or a lamb from your stable. Expect nothing in return except for the occasional words of blessing; "may you prosper under the rains of Frith."

Religious, Primacy
Alternative Names
The blind eye (spoken under breath, meant to indicate the blindness to morals)

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