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Welcome to a place where dreams can come true, but also nightmares if you are not wary.
Creatures of every shape and size will be eager to befriend you, rob you, or eat you (and on occasion all three). Choose wisely who to have by your side as you adventure, whether it be a mage from Cicerus Academy, a wyvern rider from Rellander Roost, or, if luck be on your side, one of the seven Trisedel, warriors who bend nature to their will.

Set a course across this vast land brimming with diverse inhabitants and exotic creatures. Feast with jewelry laden envoys in the deserts of Sadhessiah [be wary of sandstorms. You never know what could be causing them]. Feel the watching eyes of pale elves from the shadows of the mysterious Wisp Wood Forest [maps are useless in this fog-filled labyrinth]. Salute the Emperor of the island Equis with two fingers over your heart as he commences the start of the great arena games [be sure to keep at least one hand on your purse at all times].

If more perilous adventure is what you seek, trek over the Plains of Scorn and challenge warriors from the Unbreakable Clan to combat [know that your weapon will have little use, as their skin is impervious to metals of any kind]. Sail to the Savage Isles and do your best to not be sacrificed by the local tribes [beating hearts are considered a delicacy to their primitive gods]. Be forewarned that only fanatic crusaders and those who wish to be burnt alive approach the Hell Plains.

Here in Calduron, your destiny is yours to create, so go forth, adventurer. Slay foul monsters, discover priceless treasure, make unforgettable companions, and become a legendary hero. But above all, beware the Three False Kings, and if your path ever happens to intertwine with one, pray for a quick and merciful death.