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The Temple

The Temple guards the King, even when he doesn't know he needs guarding.
— Mother Jacarand
  Civilization is a tricky thing. It must be cultured and maintained. And there are constant beasts at its door. The Temple remains vigilant to fend off its predators. A clandestine society guarding Korinthia and the High King, the Temple operates on its own initiative, run by a figure known as The Deacon. Very few outside of its membership know of its existence, those who do whisper that its not as well meaning as it claims. After all, if it was, why would it need to hide? and exactly what lengths is it willing to go to?


At the base is a structure of safehouses throughout the land, marked to members of the Temple through their pictographic code. In cities these can be merchant shops with hidden rooms, inns that can overlook a night's stay, or places of learning that can hide a member away. In the countryside temples to Myander are often aligned, and have significantly powerful priestesses positioned with sending spells to quickly pass along information.   Those who provide simple service like a safe house and utility spell casting are referred to as scribes.   Those who can provide missions—often priests who can cast sending—are referred to as revered.   Finally are the ones who travel out into the kingdom and beyond, finding the threats to civilization from upstart kings to empire spies. These are the angels.  
Believe me, it is a great misnomer.
— Rifkin, Angel bard of the Temple


The Temple is very secretive, with members only be introduced to each other on a need to know basis. This leads to much speculation about the leadership and the identity of the Deacon. Popular theories include High King Roderick II himself, Arch Bishop Khelvin deKord and he uses it to control the priestess of Myander, or someone in the Magerium.


In esssence the Temple is a collection of people from all levels of society who have made a commitment to maintaining civilization. There assests generally come from the alliances that are made through these connections. As these can span from shipping merchants in Ujen to the court of the High King, the Temple has been pretty adept at securing whatever they need when given time to prepare.
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