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The Atherus Temples


The High Priest is the person in charge of all of the Temples and oversee larger issues in need of guidance. He also is the leader of the capital's Royal Temple and religious advisor to the King. This is currently Theocritus.   Each Temple has a Priest which oversees day to day upkeep and services. The also oversee the detainment of any magical users in their area.   Temple Loyalist, commonly known as just Loyalists, are trained Temple officers who are in charge of handling the catching,detainment,and/or transfer of people with magical abilities. This position was created by Theocritus to combat the rising in outlaw behavior created by the faithless group The Gifted. Loyalist are allowed to detain, transfer and imprison any magic user they find to be breaking the Magical Safety Act. Due to recent polices spearheaded by Theocritus, this Act is above all other law in terms of rights and personal freedoms.

Public Agenda

The Temples are temples created or reformed under the guidance of Priest Theocritus in order to guide people to live a life the way the gods would want in hopes that they would return. This includes an increasingly harsh anti-magic agenda. Their belief is that the increase in people with magical abilities is because of the country lax belief in the gods allowing unnatural 'gifts' to be bestowed to people from unknown entities.


They are often given charitable donations by followers of The Temples in order to help the less fortunate or pay for upkeep of the temple buildings.


Temples for the gods have been around for hundreds of years, before the Godless Era began they were often only built in service of one god or goddess. After the gods left their dedicated followers slowly dwindled in numbers. Started by the previous King and his advisor, in the last 75 years their has been campaign for the resurgence of dedication.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The overseer for all the Temples is Priest Theocritus who is also the religious and magic advisor for King Aris. This gives him and his loyal followers permission toact on magical users in accordance to or above the law as they see fit for the safety of the Kingdom. All Sheriffs of who detain registered or unregistered magic users for any crime must call upon a local priest to, at the very least, witness the legal proceedings. If the priest feels the magic user's detainment is better handled by Temple they are to immediately give custody over to the Temple, regardless of laws broken, even if that means potential victims don't get to see them punished.
Religious, Temple
Alternative Names
The Temples
Subsidiary Organizations


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