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Uska masters

Uska Masters is a group of elite and government officials. No known date of organization but thought around the beginning of the Uska republic. Uska Masters are known through Nucrana, even though in official documentations there is no such organization. Initiates are rare, mostly you either marry into or are born into. On rare occasions a sneaky hard working devious elf that has worked their way up can be brought into it. There is no head to this organization only a group that look out for each other and themselves. Their goal is to keep their families, friends and those that impress them in power.   Many on Nucrana have subtly suggested that Uska Masters are just another name for the Shade organization on Nucrana. The Shade says other wise. Many of the high elite and government officials have a home or live close to or in towns close the Kamlilta tip mountains. Few of those towns are controlled by Shade.   The Uska Masters influence the Uska Republic. Some think that it was the Uska Masters that caused the trouble with Efren and cause of the people revolting and creating the Nucrana Republic.   There have been several cases brought before the judges of the land about the corruption of suspected Uska Masters. Many of these have been dismissed. Other times it has been proven wrong. There have been other elite or government officials that were caught by the law but somehow evidence goes missing. Witnesses disappear. Or somehow there is a technicality that causes things to be dropped.


There is no clear leader. The older of the group are more respected and more in charge. The Uska Masters believe that it is the elders' job to teach and pass on their wisdom.

Public Agenda

Publicly they do not exist.


Their wealth, wisdom and ability to manipulate those around them.

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