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The Order

"The Order. Perhaps the most enigmatic of the institutions that make up the Imperium. They are secretive to the core and perhaps more violent than any of us combined together. They fight against the dark threats which want to mete out to mankind a fate that one can scarcely fathom. They dedicate their entire life, every waking hour hunting the enemies of man across the stars, resting not till they are dead and annihilated. Perhaps this is what makes them truly heroic"   An excerpt from an Imperial military Handbook
Mankind faces innumerable threats in the universe. From aliens that thirst for human flesh and blood to demonic gods from a realm that can only be described as hell, there are no shortage of enemies for a human in the cosmos. Though many alien races are friendly and great allies of mankind, ultimately humanity has to defend itself from these fiendish creatures. The armies of man battle them in warzones, where one can see soldiers with guns, swords, rockets and other weapons blast away at the hordes of creatures that come towards them   The Order however, is not like that. Formed for the task of battling the greatest enemies of man for the rest of their lives, the Order is relentless in their pursuit of these dark creatures. When they least expect it, a group of Order Watchers may drop into their premises and in the blink of an eye, leave them drowning in a pool of their own blood. At other times, they may fight open wars alongside more conventional forces, whilst sometimes they kill without their enemies even knowing if they were killed by the order or not, through poisons, venoms, ancient plagues and many other myriad ways in which they ensure that their enemies cease to exist

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