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Ad Infinitum

3000 Anno Domini

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    Ever since the beginning of Space, time, existence and reality, as well as the emergence of mankind and other lifeforms in the universe, They have been at an eternal conflict against Kerr, the original ruler of all that were who was overthrown by his first creation God due to his incessant tyranny and cruelty towards his creations. Hellbent on becoming the master of the four realms again, Kerr has waged an eternal war alongside his loyal followers, the void titans and demonkind against the forces of God. For so many years, man and the other races of the universe had held them at bay but all that has changed.   In the year 3000 AD, the forces of Kerr seem to be almost at the clutch of victory. The alliance, a coalition of alien races united to fight against the breaker had been suffering multiple defeats for the last few decades, with the fall of Cadmeia being one of the most significant ones. Everywhere, darkness is spreading and it seems that Kerr is about to win. In the midst of all of this, a group of legendary warriors lead by Lorann sanguinus meros , a young but veteran and experienced commander in the armed forces of the Terran Imperium go out in a journey across the galaxy to find the artifacts of the ancients, a mysterious and enigmatic alien race who were driven to extinction by the forces of Kerr in a desperate attempt to turn the tide of the eternal war. On this bloody journey of hope, love, Selflessness, death, destruction and darkness, they will uncover many long lost secrets, battle horrors which are incomprehensible and way above their sense of logic and most of all, struggle to keep their sanity as they desperately hope to end this eternal war. A war that they dearly hope to win