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We are anonymous. We are everywhere. We are justice. Anonymous during the 2002 Concordian revolt
  Anonymous is a non-governmental organization known for making appearances in favour of Human rights, Freedom of Speech, Illegal imprisonment, War crimes, Crimes against humanity and Unnecessary use of violence, amongst other actions the group has described as "unnecessary, ridiculous, and most importantly, completely against the expected moral values of a good citizen." The group has no official leader, main hub, or official location, but the values shown by the group's actions show a clear pro-democratic agenda, as well as a stable (or at least seemingly stable) organization hierarchy.   The group's initial creation date is disputed, some claiming it to have occurred in 2001 while others defend that the 2002 Concordian revolt sparked its conception.  


  Since its first appearances in the early 2000s, Anonymous proved to be an organization striving for dominance over global justice, placing the good of the population and their freedom above any other of their objectives.   As proven with their intervention in the Concordian strive for democracy, the organization has proven to have collectivistic and proactive intentions, having also the capacities and resources to react instantly in respect to any situation world round.  

Information leaks

  Anonymous has been characterized by their famous secret information leaks related to various governments around the world. Documents that would prove crucial in the struggle for eliminating oligarchy and corruption from Colombia, as well as emails and conversations from a series of leaders of Concorde would both originate from Anonymous' leaks.
Credits:   Top image: Wikipedia commons - Florian Belmonte Top side image:
Founding Date
2002 (debated)
Illicit, Syndicate

Knowledge is free.

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us

Message to scientology, 2014

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