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The Harbingers of Death

The name given to those who were chosen, millennia ago, by Death herself. Although originally tasked with the maintenance of the The Balance , the Custodians of Life and Death were soon separated by far greater forces. The Negative Plane, an intangible space between, corrupted those that were to guard it, egged on by the sins of those they served. Those corrupted by the great Primordial were later dubbed the Harbingers of Death while those that remained kept the title of Custodians of Life, and so their eternal war began.   Called to duty by the inevitable The March of Death, the Harbingers acted as heralds of Death's return. The individuals that made up this group all embodied death and despair, in its many forms. Their abilities allowing them to champion the March in their own ways, ensuring their creator is one day able to return in full form and lay waste to all she deems unworthy.   Not all the members of this exclusive group have been present since its inception, with some only coming into their roles much later. It is believed that Death was able to predict the journeys and outcomes of each of her Harbingers, long before they even stained the face of creation. With some perishing to greater forces, new Harbingers have been inducted before, but this remains an exceptionally rare circumstance - happening only twice since the first of them were to fall.

All life must know Death, and Death will know all.

Secret, Occult
Alternative Names
Death's Chosen

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