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Lurking, ever aware, Viziers watch the world.
— Bixol Nibbs
  Despite torcheous origins Viziers wield great power. Those of the Southern Kingdoms have attained ranks of power like no other. Their mastery of inhabiting the Ebb is both awe inspirng and terrifying. If the practices of these dark seers were to bleed beyond the kingdoms borders the lives of all Alyerians would be predicted and reshaped forever.

Being Attuned is a natural process. Becoming a Vizier is anything but. The specifics of the process are not common knowledge, scrubbed from history by agents of the Obsyn Oa. This has unfortunately not stopped the corrupt, the desperate from pursuing this dark rite.

The process forces the subject through the attunement barriers to levels intended only for the Aeons. Painful and scarring it twists the mind and often the flesh. Those that survive don the ebon cloak and peer into the world, muttering its secrets in the ear of despots and fiends. Kingdoms have risen and fallen by the words of these twisted individuals.

Their abilities to see through the Ebb across vast distances, through barriers and maybe even time is attributed to the harsh and forceful attunement that often plagues them with violent seizures.

Viziers exist in many cultures, known by many names - sages, shaman, seers. They come in many forms, shunned, lurking in the background, some revered, some reviled. Be it prophecies, visions, or scrying their knowledge of Alyeria cannot be quantified.

Prince Galestrom and the Golem King rely on their Viziers to locate disruptive shapers and violators of their Zero Influence Decree. Once located the Viziers can utilize there mastery of the Ebb to track and transport the fearsome Harvesters to the location of their unsuspecting targets.
Secret, Occult


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