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The Masquerade

"See that women over there? No not that one you dolt the red head. Yes her! See her lovely curves? The ways her eyes flutter at every man who passes by? The way she pushes her...goods...into view? Don't fall for it. She's in the Masquerade. There's a lot more about her than meets the eye. An that's if she's human."   ~Member of the Supernatural and Paranormal Investigating and Killing Experts a.k.a. SPIKE

Public Agenda

The public agenda of the Masquerade, at least to the one the legislative body predicts, is to overthrow current members of the throne and replace them with Lizita, current Grant Matron of the Masquerade.   Show Spoiler
The actual agenda of the Masquerade is to convert the populace into thralls, and convert the more powerful members of society into vampires. Those that are in the know know this is just preparatory into their next phase where they seek to resurrect Hezelkel, the First Vampire.


The assets of the Masquerade are hard to measure due to the reclusive nature of the organization. The only known establishment with known ties to the Masquerade is Circ de Libi, Circus of Lust in common, in the city of Cojoz.   The Circ de Libi is a well known destination in the city and is the center of may different scenes of debauchery, lust, and other illicit pleasures. The flow of gold, blood, slaves, and other illicit goods has made the Masquerade so wealthy it's hard to find anyone not in their pocket in Cojoz or the southern territories of Hinterland.   The Masquerade has many adventuring parties in their pockets but the one most connected to the Masquerade is the Dark Five. The Dark Five are known for their abilities for subterfuge, information gathering, and assassination. The Dark Five have a bounty the size of a kings ransom in the northern territories.

We Are Everyone and No One

Illicit, Terrorist group
Controlled Territories


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