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The Chirurgeon's Good Protectorate

Starting from the works of Dr. Nash Kite'nel and Alchemist Raphael Uhnar the Chirurgeon's Good Protectorate is a guild in Cy'vadel (Kai-va-del). Kite'nel and Uhnar started in prisons with those sentenced to death for their crimes. The beginnings are almost as dark as the guilds current status. Kite'nel and Uhnar began by bribing various wardens to allow them to come in and 'execute' the prisoners. What they actually did was perform their first experiments in creating 'Protectorate Warriors.' These experiments on living subjects did yield results before any public outcry could be raised.   Only the guild knows how many were required to produce a successful experiment and then to make the process reliable, but Jeremiah Wavecrest was the first volunteer. He under went surgeries that implanted organs and muscle tissue from creatures and other 'donors.' Jeremiah was a halfling granted the strength of a hobgoblin and the reflexes of a griffin. After some training he was found to be able to kill almost any creature once he found a way to get in close quarters where he could get inside of his opponents reach. He was placed in the service of the republic that serves as the governing body of Cy'vadel for several years after gaining notoriety by working as a bounty hunter. He retired with many accolades and a grand reputation as a champion of the people and justice.   The republic commissioned Kite'nel and Uhnar for more warriors like the great Wavecrest. They replied that they were meager on supplies and being only two men could only work so quickly. So a new guild was formed and the two were appointed to teach at it. Kite'nel and Uhnar then spent the rest of their lives teaching their secrets to apprentices who would go on to create what most common people call living golems or parts men. These days when you volunteer to become one of the 'protectorate warriors' they assign you a debt to pay for the supplies of the surgery and alchemical potions and powders used. The guild was appointed some of the finest businessmen upon its founding. While Kite'nel and Uhnar taught what was needed to create more warriors, facilities, and the infrastructure to keep track of things was put in place by those who knew how to make money off of things. They also understood that you have to be able to create more than a single product and the experiments continue, with state approved conditions, to this day.   These days in Cy'vadel anyone of importance has their own set of warriors for bodyguards. Some are faster than any mortal has a right to be, others like Wavcrest are a balance, Some have a juggernauts strength. The fourth category are those granted strange powers, following in the footsteps of the tales of the ancient dragons, they now replicate the effects of being in a plane shifted area. This last selection of warriors are the ones that usually have to be 'put down' in their later years due to having uncontrollable powers often coupled with insanity. But the political affiliation takes the guild far. The guild now runs many prisons and their carefully controlled knowledge is ranked as one of the most important assets in the republic. There used to be those who spoke out against the guild but they have all drifted from public view. Or been silenced in one way or another.   In fact the very bodyguards that watch over the safety of the senators who sit the ruling council are the major arm of the guild. No law or ruling has gone in years that was not approved by the guild. When the votes seem to come down to the wire it is said, watch whose sweating and shaking. The way their vote goes... That is the way the council will vote.

Public Agenda

To create warriors that no normal mortal can compete with to both kill threats to the country and to protect the country from the machinations of outsiders.


The Guild retreat where they train apprentices, two 'workshops' that are really fortress/castles that the guild operates out of, and four trading stations where you can volunteer for surgeries or bring them rare ingredients. There is also a set of notice boards at the trading posts both citing what items/ingredients they are currently looking for and the local bounties for their own warriors to pursue.

Building the saftey of our homeland.

Research, Medical
Alternative Names
Golem makers, puppteers guild, CGP


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