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Institute of Healing

The institute, as it is also referred to as, is a large organization that has headquarters in Irai. Their products are sold far and wide in Aewyn, and their names are spoken on many lips throughout a day. Demands for potions of all kinds are high, and as the Institute is the only company allowed to produce them their sales are always sky-high. Potions is made from concentrated magic that is transformed into liquid imbued with magic, and can only be held in Magic Containers.    

Laws and regulations

  Being the main provider for both commonfolk and people in high positions, laws aren't something the Institute is worried about. As long as their products are safe for the people, and that they help the general population, the government turns a blind eye when it comes to rules - especially "ingredients".   Healing magic is on the edge of being dark magic, which isn't allowed to be performed too much, because of the unethical nature of taking life from another living thing and give it someone who is in need. Different strengths of healing potions require different types of subjects to extract life from.   The stronger the potion, the more life-force is needed. This is where unethical things tend to happen, as some potions require the life-force from animals or other larger creatures. The process of extracting life-force is done as humane as possible, but it's not for the faint of heart.   This fact is known to the public but is not spoken about too much. People don't really want to think about what needs to be done for them to get their potions.  

Who works there?

  New jobs are always available at the institute, and if you have skills in magic - especially body manipulation and healing - then you can almost always get a job.  


  This title is for the people that use their magical skills to produce liquid magic. They follow already made recipes, and produce as many as they can - time is money! After the liquids have been made, it gets transported to the bottlers.  


  After the magic is liquified the right amount needs to be put into Magic Containers, so they are ready for sales. This is what the bottlers do. It is very important that they know how to handle liquid magics and not to contaminate it during the process.  


  The title says it all - all the containers need the proper labels! Wouldn't want someone to get the wrong potion now, would we?

Institute symbol

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Most sold potions

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  1. Healing potion
  2. Magic enhancement potion
  3. Strength potion
  4. Love potion
    (does it really work though?)
  5. Sleep potion

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