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The Church of Fortunate Souls

The Church of Fortunate Souls is a religious organization of the Deep, with roots in most major hubs across the underground. Because of its connection to the fundamental beliefs of most Deepfolk, it has gained huge influence over most aspects of life in the Deep.  


The Church of Fortunate Souls claims Khelmeeshe, Mother of the Deep, as its patron deity. As such it follows the major tenets of this deity's belief system:
  • Thou shalt not steal another's bounty.
  • Thy bounty must come about through thine own labor.
  • A tithe shall be paid each cycle to the clergy for the use of the greater community.
  • Thy bounty must be shared with thy neighbors in times of need.

The second-to-last tenet is partially responsible for this organization's power and influence; it receives quite a hefty sum each cycle from the Deepfolk in every hub that are members of this Church. Wealth and bounty are synonymous with power in a world whose entire belief system depends on these concepts, and those with more wealth are treated with more respect. The Church of Fortunate Souls uses a lot of its earnings to pay for public works or to use as charity, but another large portion is placed into the Church's coffers to be used for other purposes.


Politics and the Church

In general, Deepfolk society is deeply entwined with its religious beliefs. The Deep has an entirely different pantheon of deities than the surface world, and as such its practices may seem quite foreign to surface folk. Deepfolk believe that their faith in and dedication to the deities of their world will help them to survive in their unforgiving world. Whether they live in hubs or alone in the tunnels, their faith in a deity may be the only thing standing between themselves and certain death.

As such, religious organizations and their leaders have a lot of influence on Deep culture and politics. Many hubs have an organized guard or police force meant to protect their citizens and weed out those who endanger the livelihood of others, and the religious figures in such hubs tend to be given more leeway with, or are even totally exempt from, such laws. The Church of Fortunate Souls, as a religious behemoth, is even more so above the law. In some hubs, a leader from the Church could cause the death of a citizen and be exempt from punishment because they claim it was for the greater good.

The Church of Fortunate Souls also has its fingers in other pies: the actual leadership of hubs. Some hubs depend more on religious guidance than others, and an endorsement from the Church goes a long way in gaining the support of a hub's citizens. In exchange for such an endorsement or for religious favors, the Church is able to guide a political leader into making laws and decisions which benefit the Church or allow it to skirt around other laws.


The Church and Deepfolk

Because the Church of Fortunate Souls is tied to the primary Deep deity, Khelmeeshe, it is closely tied with the matters of everyday Deep society, especially in hubs. Many Deepfolk visit the Church before major life decisions, primarily regarding matters of business or economy. Leaders of the Church give advice and guidance to those seeking answers, and use their wealth to help those in need. To many, the Church of Fortunate Souls is seen as a positive influence on Deep life.

The Church funds many public works projects, such as building new community buildings or repairing homes damaged by rockfalls or other disasters. Deepfolk who are not members of the Church can also benefit from its generosity, which further benefits public opinion of the Church. Despite its glaringly obvious position as an organization above the law, it has yet to fall under scrutiny.

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