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The Religion of the Deep

Khelmeeshe, the Deep goddess of wealth, plays an important role in the lives and morals of the Deep Folk, especially the deep gnomes for whom she is the patron deity. The tenets of her followers guide the way of life for these underground races.

Khelmeeshe has no apparent familial relation to the other deities of Galactus, like many of the more minor deities. In mythology, she is said to have been born from the very stones that make up the Deep regions of the world's underground. Left to her own devices far below the chaos of the Era of Creation, she fashioned the Deep Folk from the rocks and minerals around her. They lived quite separate from the world above the surface for millennia until a few deep gnome explorers accidentally broke through the dirt and emerged into the upper world.

The tenets of the followers of Khelmeeshe dictate how they interact with and treat one another and themselves, especially regarding the distribution and acquiring of wealth.

Thou shalt not steal another's bounty.

This rule is very simple. Stealing of any kind is forbidden in Deep society.

Thy bounty must come about through thine own labor.

Deep society greatly values working toward one's own fortune rather than relying on others to give it to them. This can be a very flexible tenet and usually includes merchant professions as well as overseers and leaders.

A tithe shall be paid each cycle to the clergy for the use of the greater community.

This tithe varies between Deep communities but is used for public works and to provide services for the community as a whole such as street maintenance or better working conditions, especially for miners, who make up a large majority of the Deep Folk.

Thy bounty must be shared with thy neighbors in times of need.

Although Deep society values independence especially regarding one's wealth, on rare and unfortunate occasions some individuals may lose their wealth or lose their ability to work and provide for themselves. In such cases, others who have no such misfortune are expected to assist those in need. Usually, a community will pull extra money through tithes to help the unfortunate back on their feet, or families, friends, or neighbors will support the individual in question by providing free services or food and lodging.

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