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The Gryphon's Talons

"I can't rely on my soldiers to do what must be done. I need a knife in the dark. You will be that knife... or you die tonight." - Hadrick Steelheart
The name refers to Hadrick's personal insignia, a creature with the front half of a lion and the legs, wings, and tail of an eagle. It stands with the world under it's front paw, claws extended to have a firm grip. Each member of the Gryphon's Talons are hand picked by the order's veterans, personal assassins to the king. Crimes committed by the Talon's members end up swept under the rug, that is, until the King grows tired of cleaning up the mess.


The order is lead by Hadrick Steelheart. He has three of his trusted servants as direct subordinates to manage the rest of the order. Each of the three subordinates has a variable amount of subordinates, who have seeded their subordinates through noble houses and across the kingdom to enforce the king's will.


All expenses are covered by the king. Any goods they wish to purchase can simply be taken by flashing the signet ring of the king. They are provided decent housing and salaries, even in poorer communities.


King Hadrick Steelheart established the order shortly after taking the throne. Their primary function was to keep order in the palace by covertly eliminating any undesirable or disloyal servants through accidents. Over time the organization grew beyond the palace, reaching noble houses within the city, then across the kingdom like a massive spiderweb. Several assassinations have taken place by their hands, removing dissidents and opposition from play. In recent years, they have been responsible for silencing slaves and maids whom fell with child at Hadrick's hand, eliminating most potential bastards from play and stilling any tongues that may waggle about his infidelities.
Secret, Military
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