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The Other Brotherhood Medicament

I am uncertain how to write this. I have a suspicion, and so I am placing my thoughts onto parchment and placing them under my bed. At best these thoughts that I am having are just a result of a little to much potato soup, or perhaps a little bit of under prepared pork that is disagreeing with my constitution. At worse I have stumbled onto something too strange for me to understand and should not be involved in or aware of.

Since my posting in in AbrenPort, I have been tasked with indexing and cataloguing the details of the citizens that come to request assistance in matters relating to inheritance. This is a complicated issue concerning many lengthy Statues, so many of the citizens require repeat consultations with our senior brothers. And, over the months I have noticed that my records in the officially archives have been altered in minor ways. These errors bothered me deeply, and so I endeavored to correct them by cross checking with copies I started to personally keep of my work. Copies that only I have. I was shocked when I discovered that regardless of the fact I am certain the data was recorded correctly, when I checked later there was still errors.

I should have reported these post entry errors immediately, but I didn’t and I certainly should not have mentioned it to Senior Brother Jeraam in my frustration. He brushed off my concerns and the evidence I showed him as just unconscious mistakes or corrections that other senior Brothers had to do to my work. It’s been weeks since that meeting, and I have discovered that there is a pattern to the errors that I don’t understand. My stomach tells me it as a meaning.

It’s the Faid. It’s about the Faid and it’s their index numbers. The code is adjusting index numbers for the Faid Vaults. It’s like there is a whole other Brotherhood, but one that is stealing Faided by miss recording their index within the Vaults. What have I discovered?

Panyel, The Green.

No one is lost.

Illicit, Cartel
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