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The Volur

The Volur was a project that lasted roughly 10 years, it was made up solely of female-presenting individuals who were trained to take on a multitude of missions. Each member was given a nickname based on old stories featuring beings with impossibly strong or god-like powers; these names included Freyja, Ioke, Tanit, and Enyo, along with many others.   Though defunct now, the more note-worthy members keep in contact and occasionally work on freelance missions together. One former member has never tried to hide their involvement with the group, and will occasionally share stories about their time there. This member is Annigan, a strangely normal individual who owns the Sword & Swan cafe in City of Mourn.   Most members of the organization did so under the guise of school trips, vacations, and travel businesses, and because of this, it took so long for the organization to be discovered and even longer to be shut down.   While they operated similarly to Arcanus, Volur was never seen as a military or law-based group, they had access to military-grade weapons and tools but their skills were self-taught and self-trained over a long period of time. It took years working as a group for them to develop a clean and lethal operating system within their ranks, learning who worked best with who, and how ideas and impromptu situations should be handled.

Currently Known Members

The project has only just come to light, and very little information can be found concerning who was involved with the project, whether willingly or not.
Illicit, Syndicate
Training Level

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